Dubbed in Chinese, English, French, Spanish
Distributed to CIS, MENA, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Boltics and Sri Lanka.
Aired on Discovery Kids (MENA), Astro, StarHub, Megogo, Toonee.

Targeted at preschool kids, Boonie Cubs is a brand-new edutainment series showing children that learning can be fun. At this scenic Pine Tree Kindergarten, all the cubs observe the world in their own creative and wondrous ways. Here you will learn everything from the value of friendship to exploring the mysteries of science and language. Boonie Cubs will teach kids how to help others while preparing themselves for life in this beautiful world. This show is a colorful paradise for kids, teeming with adventures around every corner.

Got your notebook? Got your pencil? Packed your lunch? Good! Class starts soon and we can't do it alone. Come along and join us on a whirlwind of adventure at Pine Tree Kindergarten! Follow Little Briar Bear and Little Bramble Bear down a mysterious and magical tunnel that leads you to a knowledge-seeking escapade full of furry friends and fun!


Boonie Cubs


Boonie Cubs 2

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