Wouldn't it be great fun for an animated series to focus on the lively workings of the insect world, just as children started exploring the wonders of nature for themselves?

In Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies, audiences will be given an insight into the habits and habitats of actual insects of many kinds, and will learn how these creatures thrive in their environment—a lush wetland called The Marsh. There our insect characters all are savoring life in their own ways, always making the place buzzed with activities. Our little viewers will no doubt be captivated by the lively blend of action and discovery to be found in the colorful environs of The Marsh, and visits to The Marsh will delight and intrigue, all while nurturing their budding quest for knowledge—and imbuing them with a healthy respect for life in the natural realm.

In the tiny nooks and crannies of this verdant hideaway, a thriving little insect colony is abuzz with activity. Residents face a variety of challenges, but caring neighbors always come through when the going gets tough! So come along with us—join butterflies and bullfrogs, bumblebees and bumbling blowflies as they learn—sometimes the hard way—that it's teamwork that paves the path to success!

Pondemonium highlights the child-like curiosity of the denizens of The Marsh, and does so with warmth and humor. Engaging characters approach new discoveries with wonder in the lush environs of this balmy haven—and kids won't want to miss a single episode!

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